History In The Making?

Will a woman finally break the glass ceiling in politics?  Hopefully, after tonight, HRC will most likely clear the bar after the CA, NJ voters go to the primary polls.  Tonight could be historical.  Finally a woman may be en route to the White House.  

As for the claim from the BS camp.  None of the delegates, super or “regular” has cast a ballot. They are pledged to cast their vote for either Bernie or Hillary, as a regular delegate or super delegate.  Consequently, claiming a contested convention is not only dishonest but subterfuge and Bernie is better than this. 

 I wonder if Jeff Weaver, brother in law to Karl  Rove, may have channeled Rove during this campaign because some of the tactics employed are truly below the belt and truly crass.   It’s so easy to get into the mud, so much more difficult to rise above the gutter.  And hopefully Bernie knows this and will end his campaign honorably and graciously and celebrate with US this historic moment.

Failure is impossible!!

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