It’s Time To Lower The Bern

Bernie’s contribution to the election process has been incalculable.  He has infused a class analysis into the political campaign, more than shaken up the Establishment and provided a much needed voice to the traditionally voiceless in American Politics.

And he has been a mensch & role model to so many.  

But the writing is on the wall, the water is under the bridge, over the dam and through the woods.  It is time for Bernie to bring himself and his followers into the center of the nominating process and support HRC in Philadelphia; support that reveals a strength of spirit and commitment to the People and the common good.  

Bernie’s support of the presumptive nominee can materialise into a political platform that contests and confronts income, racial, gender ID, and sexual inequality.  A Democratic Platform that has a Sanders imprint can and will shift the discussion to policies that improve the quality of life for all Anericans whilst reaffirming our commitment to inclusive democracy.

This election is perhaps the most critical in decades.  Its importance cannot be  overstated.  The Supreme Court is at issue and its composition will determine for generations, whether the rights and lives of the poor, people of color, women-regardless of ethnicity, the LGBTI community, immigrants- documented & undocumented, shall be protected or abrogated.   A Trump Presidency will be the death knell for U.S. credibility in the world community and make tenuous democracy at home and abroad, and such a Presidency places its imprimatur on the worst in and of US.   

ALL persons who believe in human dignity, Liberty and Equality must coalesce around and collaborate in the election of  HRC.     

As Hillel reminds, “if I am not for myself who am I; if I am only for myself, what am I ; if not now-when?”

The time is now!

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